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Politics and international relations

International security; war in the Middle East; the Europe Union and the economic boom in Latin American are some of the headline-grabbing topics that our experts commentate on. For UK news, they often speak to journalists on public policy, British party politics and constitutional matters.

Featured experts on camera

Professor Tim Bale on the Tories

Dr Chris Phillips on the Syrian conflict

Professor Michael Kenny on English identity and nationalism

Expert commentators

Prof Tim Bale
My main areas of expertise are British and European politics, in particular electoral and party politics.  I am one of the country's foremost experts on the Conservative Party and on the extreme/far-right in Europe.

Dr Christopher Phillips
My research interests lie primarily in the role of identity in the politics and international relations of the Arab Middle East. My work to date has used nationalism and international relations theory to explore the interaction of Arab, state and religious identities in the identity discourses of modern Arab states. For the past few years I have investigated in detail the official identity discourses of two modern Arab states, Syria and Jordan, considering how Arab identity in particular has been constructed, sustained and reproduced in an everyday manner.

Prof Peter Hennessy
My research interests range widely across all aspects of contemporary British History. I have concentrated in particular on Prime ministerial and Cabinet government and the hidden wiring of the British constitution. Other areas include the study of Cold War Britain, nuclear submarines and The Bomb.

Prof Jeremy Hicks
My research is broadly concerned with Russian culture, and more specifically the Leninist and Stalinist eras. this includes Soviet literature and cinema, satirical press and the works of Zoshchenko.

Prof Geraldine Van Bueren
I am an expert in international human rights, and also specialise in rights of the child, refugee children and children in the criminal justice system. Other areas of expertise include international anti-poverty law, degrading treatment and punishment, torture and the Bill of Rights.

Prof Rainbow Murray
My research focuses on gender and politics, French and comparative politics, elections, representation and political parties. I have explored the impact of the French 'parity' law on parliamentary representation in France. I am also working on media coverage of women candidates for executive office around the world. My recent work includes the reassessment of our understanding of gender quotas, and the start of a larger study looking at how gender quotas change representative democracy over space and time.

Prof Sophie Harman
I conduct research in the global politics of health and development. I specialise in the international politics of actors involved in governing global health from the World Bank to UN agencies to private philanthropists such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; how they interact with each other and the states and civil societies they are said to support. I am interested in how health financing and interventions are used as broader tools of political reform, particularly in countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

Dr James Ellison
Anglo-American relations since 1945; Britain and Europe since 1945.

Dr Lee Jones
Domestic and international politis of South East Asia (including Burma, Thailand, East Timor, Cambodia, etc); Asean (association of SouthEast Asian Nations) and other regional institutions. Regional security policy and international policies towards the region.

Dr Simon Reid-Henry
My research interests include Fidel Castro and contemporary Cuban history, HIV/AIDS and the pharmaceutical industry, and Guantanamo Bay and the War on Terror.

Prof James Dunkerley
My main areas of research are the history and politics of Latin America, with particular focus on the Andes.

Dr Martyn Frampton

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