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Expertise: Economics

Prof Marco Manacorda
Labour Economics and Applied Micro-econometrics, with an emphasis on International Labour Markets; wage inequality, skill biased technological change and unemployment; the effect of welfare on family structure.

Prof Nicolaas Vriend
My main field of research is microeconomics (microeconomic and game theory), with a specific interest in economic dynamics. Within this, I have studied the dynamics of interactive social processes involving (boundedly) rational learning agents. My research tools, besides verbal and mathematical analysis, are experimental economics and Agent-based Computational Economics (ACE).

Dr Konstantinos Melachroinos
I am an economic geographer specialising in the study of the determinants of regional economic growth, the investigation of the evolution of spatial disparities and the formulation of policies for the reduction of geographic inequalities. My most recent research focuses on the role of foreign direct investment in promoting economic development in lagging regions and the territorial effects of the knowledge economy, especially investments in intangibles.

Prof Adrian Smith
My main interests are in economic geography, the political economy of cities and regions, global production networks, economic (in)security, and the restructuring of industries in post-socialist East-Central Europe and North Africa. I was trained in human geography and development studies, and my interests continue to focus on the relations between uneven development and political economy.

Prof Giulio Fella
One strand of my research has focused on the welfare and employment implications of employment protection measures. A second area of research is the equilibrium analysis of large-scale policy interventions. In particular, I have studied the relative costs and benefits of education policy versus harsher sentencing as a means of reducing crime.

Prof Brigitte Granville
My research interests include French politics and economics, Russian development economics, access to essential medicines in poor countries, trade issues and fair trade.

Prof Roberto Veneziani
My research interests include topics of liberal principles of distributive justice, axiomatic exploitation theory, macrodynamic models of growth and distribution, egalitarian principles, distribution of resources between generations, sustainable development, and normative principles in economics. I am also interested in the history of economic thought and in political economy from a mathematical perspective.

Dr Martha Prevezer
My research interests are in the fields of business economics and history, innovation and technological change, and development issues. I am also interested in the emergence of high technology clusters in China and the effects of policy in inducing clustering and technological development, as well as clustering in high-technology industries.

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