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Expertise: Mathematics

Prof David Arrowsmith
My recent interests have been in complex infrastructure networks. Other research interests include applied mathematics; use of chaotic dynamical systems to model telecommunications networks; development of control systems for congestion reduction in computer networks.

Prof Christian Beck
I have a very broad spectrum of research interests, ranging from statistical physics, dynamical systems, statistical analysis and optimization for complex systems to axionic dark matter physics. I am currently co-investigator of the EPSRC grant Flood MEMORY (Multi-Event Modelling Of Risk & recoverY), a joint project of 10 UK universities to better understand the clustered statistics of flooding events.

Prof Ilia Goldsheid
My research is mainly in probability theory and mathematical physics. More specifically but still in broad terms, it could be described as the study of quantum and classical dynamics in random media. Finally in much more precise terms, I am interested in the celebrated localization problem for the Anderson model, i.e. quantum particles in random media, and in the study of random walks in random environments, as models for classical particles in random media. My other interests include asymptotic behaviour of products of random matrices, study of Lyapunov exponents of products random transformations, spectral properties of non-self-adjoint random operators. Some of the latter topics are motivated by the study of the localization problem and random walks; at the same time all of them are of great importance in their own right.

Prof Oliver Jenkinson
I am an expert in dynamical systems and conduct research into ergodic theory of chaotic dynamical systems. Other areas of interest include number theory, geometry and algorithms.

Prof Borys Khoruzhenko
My research interests are in the Random Matrix Theory and its applications. This involves investigating patterns in distribution of eigenvalues and eigenvectors of random matrices and operators.

Prof Thomas Mueller
My main research interests are in Group Theory, Complex Analysis, Combinatorics and Number Theory. Among other things, I am working on aspects of Subgroup Growth, more specifically Subgroup Arithmetic of Hecke Groups and other virtually free groups, and Poincaré's problem for the modular group and more general free products. Other projects include: enumerative problems in Permutation Groups, applications of complex analytic methods to orthogonal polynomials, combinatorial questions related to Coxeter groups, continuous analogues of free groups involving words indexed by ordered abelian groups instead of integers, as well as actions of these groups on lambda-trees.

Prof Franco Vivaldi
My research encompasses several areas, including applied mathematics, algebraic and arithmetic dynamical systems, and arithmetical phenomena underlying strongly chaotic motions.

Prof Thomas Prellberg
My research interests are lattice statistical mechanics, enumerative and asymptotic combinatorics, dynamical systems, Monte Carlo algorithms, and soft condensed matter.

Prof Shahn Majid
Algebraic structures on the interface between pure mathematics and mathematical physics, including quantum gravity; non commutative differential geometry; quantum groups or Hopf algebras with applications in representation theory and knot theory.

Dr Wolfram Just
My major fields of interest are Nonlinear Dynamics and Statistical Mechanics. Recent topics concern the application of equilibrium statistics to dynamical systems, pattern formation and phase transitions in spatially extended dynamical models, control of chaos by time delayed feedback, and properties of systems with time delay.

Prof William Jackson
My main areas of research are discrete mathematics, graph theory and matroid theory as well as their applications to computer science.

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