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Expertise: Drama

Prof Warren Boutcher
I have continued to work on early modern English translation and humanism (pieces on Watson's Polybius and the origins of Florio's Montaigne), on the history of libraries (print and manuscript in the last Duke of Urbino's library), and on the application of Alfred Gell's anthropology of art to the history of the early modern European book. I am also interested in late humanism in Europe, English renaissance drama and historical anthropology.

Prof Jeremy Brotton
My research continues to revolve around the history of mapping and early modern global exchange, with particular reference to the European and Islamic worlds. Other interests include Elizabethan and Jacobean drama, Shakespeare and 17th Century art and consumption.

Mr Alistair Campbell
I specialise in applied drama, devised drama and interactive performance. I am also interested in the impact of performance on social development work. Other research interests include community opera, rituals, processions and cross-generational work.

Prof Paul Heritage
My research is predominantly concerned with the uses and application of theatre and drama in the criminal justice system. Other areas of interest include gay and lesbian performance and Brazilian theatre in relation to culture.

Prof Lois Weaver
My work mainly concerns feminist and lesbian theatre, as well as the use of applied drama to explore ideas of the body, gender and sexuality in performance.

Dr Martin Welton
My research centres around two broad thematic concerns ? movement and the senses ? in relation to the theory and practice of contemporary performance. I am interested in the ways in which theatre practitioners and audiences 'make sense' of the unusual ways that they are sometimes invited to look, feel or listen.

Dr Aoife Monks
I'm a theatre historian who studies the peculiarities of acting, in the form of star and virtuoso performances, 19th century Stage Irish and blackface minstrel performers, the role of fashion and costume in the star system, sentimentality, superstition and backstage cultures at the theatre, nudity onstage, and acting training and practice. I'm also interested in various forms and histories of popular Irishness, such as the work of Michael Flatley, Riverdance, St Patrick's Day Parades, Dion Boucicault, nationalist speeches from the dock and the Irish ballad. I write on performance and the law, examining how the law is performed onstage, and how the law is itself theatrical. I have a particular expertise in theatre costume, considering its relationship to systems of fashion, dress reform, archives and museums, actorly superstition and of course, asking the most important question: 'what should ghosts wear in performance?'

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