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Expertise: Renaissance

Prof Warren Boutcher
I have continued to work on early modern English translation and humanism (pieces on Watson's Polybius and the origins of Florio's Montaigne), on the history of libraries (print and manuscript in the last Duke of Urbino's library), and on the application of Alfred Gell's anthropology of art to the history of the early modern European book. I am also interested in late humanism in Europe, English renaissance drama and historical anthropology.

Prof Jeremy Brotton
My research continues to revolve around the history of mapping and early modern global exchange, with particular reference to the European and Islamic worlds. Other interests include Elizabethan and Jacobean drama, Shakespeare and 17th Century art and consumption.

Prof Andrea Brady
My scholarly interests in early modern and contemporary writing overlap with my poetic practice. Recent research focusses on metaphors of embodiment in Renaissance writing, as well as on metre and bondage across several historical periods. I am particularly interested in interaction between poetry and politics. Other areas of interest include avant-garde writing and anthropological approaches to literature.

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