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Expertise: Films

Prof Paul Heritage
My research is predominantly concerned with the uses and application of theatre and drama in the criminal justice system. Other areas of interest include gay and lesbian performance and Brazilian theatre in relation to culture.

Prof Morag Shiach
Research interests include the cultural history of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries; feminism and cultural analysis, particularly the French feminist, theorist, writer and playright, Hélène Cixous; film studies and visual culture; Virginia Woolf.

Prof Susan Harris
I am a specialist in French cinema and theatre studies and my interests range from the socio-cultural (spectatorship, cultural policy, national identity, festival culture, street theatre), to textual analysis (essays on the work of directors including Bertand Blier, François Truffaut, Claude Miller and Erik Zonca), to work on genres and styles (comedy, performance theory, aesthetics, stardom). My monograph Bertrand Blier (MUP, 2001) attempts to identify strategies for negotiating some of the more subversive aspects of popular French cinema, and uses a Bakhtinian framework to investigate and challenge established positions with regard to female performance and comic narrative.

Dr Elizabeth Saxton
My research explores legacies of genocide, atrocity and war in mainly European (especially French) cinema and situates film in relation to continental philosophies of ethics and critiques and defences of images. I have also written on film's relation to miracles and to the gestures of work, drawing on thinkers including Simone Weil and Giorgio Agamben. I am currently collaborating on a project about iconic photographs and film footage of political violence and writing a book on the afterlives of problematically alluring images of this kind in cinema.

Dr Lucy Bolton
My fields of expertise are cinema and its relationship to philosophy as well as classic film studies approaches. I specialise in stardom, women's cinema, feminist philosophy, film theory and British and American cinema.

Dr Harrison Glancy
My main areas of interest are American and British film history. This includes research on Hollywood studios and stars, Anglo-American relations, Second World War films and the works of Alfred Hitchcock.

Dr Jeremy Hicks
My research is broadly concerned with Russian culture, and more specifically the Leninist and Stalinist eras. this includes Soviet literature and cinema, satirical press and the works of Zoshchenko.

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