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Expertise: Mobile communication

Prof Yang Hao
Electromagnetics; Photonic Band Gap (PBG) structures including Left-Handed Meta-materials (LHMs) at microwave frequencies; characterisation of body-centric WLANs for wearable computer technology; mobile broadband systems and photonic antennas for Radio-Over-Fibre (ROF).

Prof Jonathan Pitts
My research interests focus around the theory and practice of resource sharing under uncertainty in networked systems. I am particularly interested in exploring the complex behaviours of shared network and compute infrastructure and expressing these in terms of end-to-end performance. Much of my work in recent years has been to interpret conventional end-to-end metrics using holistic Quality of Experience formulations.

Dr Yasmin Ibrahim
I specialise in digital media, social media, cybercultures, ICTs, visual communication, Islam and Singapore

Dr Eliane Bodanese
I have performed research on middleware development for distributed systems, Quality of Service (QoS) provisioning in cellular and ad hoc networks, intelligent mechanisms for heterogeneous wireless environments and context aware sensor networks. I have also conducted the first world-wide research project on applying agent-based intelligent control to mobile networks.

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