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Expertise: Estuaries

Prof Mark Trimmer
My research looks at nitrogen and carbon cycling in aquatic systems, with a main emphasis in benthic sediments. Whilst my research was always either marine or estuarine based I have been investigating nitrogen cycling in lowland rivers, including the capacity of macrophytes to filter and process organic matter. I am also seeking to further understand the impact of anthropogenic activities in coastal seas by looking at the links between primary and secondary production in the western Irish Sea and the impacts of trawling in the North Sea.

Prof Kate Spencer
I am an environmental geochemist who works closely with geomorphologists, hydrologists and ecologists to provide fundamental science to underpin effective management of fine sediment in estuaries and lowland rivers. My principal research interest is in understanding the source, distribution and behaviour of sediment-bound contaminants and to quantify how this is impacted by natural disturbance, anthropogenic management and restoration activities.

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