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Expertise: Plants

Dr Emily Lines
I work on ecology, remote sensing and the terrestrial carbon cycle, with particular emphasis on forest ecology. I am interested in the structure and functioning of terrestrial ecosystems, how these vary with environmental conditions and how these will change with climate change.

Prof Alexander Ruban
My research focuses on the molecular mechanisms of light energy utilisation and management in the photosynthetic membrane. The major goal of my lab is to understand how biological matter is designed to conduct a variety of intimate physical processes accompanying photosynthetic energy conversion and how structural properties of the photosynthetic light harvesting proteins govern flexibility and efficiency of photosynthesis. My research has contributed to the fundamental understanding of the molecular design of the photosynthetic light harvesting machinery.

Prof Andrew Leitch
My group is interested in plant genetics, genomics, and cytogenetics, focussing on questions of an evolutionary and ecological nature. There is a focus on the processes and consequences of interspecific hybridisation and polyploidisation in plants, as well as an interest in the origin and ecological consequence of plant genome sizes.

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