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Expertise: Languages

Prof Jennifer Cheshire
I am interested in sociolinguistics and social dialectology, conversational narrative and the structure of spoken English.

Prof Leigh Oakes
I combine my background in linguistics and French culture, researching language and national identity in France and regional variations in French. Other areas of interest include language in the European Union, Qu├ębec and Sweden, and the effects of globalisation on language.

Prof Felicity Rash
German-language advertising; the language of advertising; sociolinguistics of German-speaking Switzerland; critical discourse analysis with a special interst in Hitler's Mein Kampf, feminist linguistics; language history; contemporary Swiss literature.

Dr Colleen Cotter
My research examines the relationship of language with society, and how it affects discourse and culture. More specifically, I study language and media, how language influences identity and the use of language in the workplace. Other interests include language in the USA, the ethnography of communication and endangered languages (Irish Gaelic).

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