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Expertise: History - Medieval

Dr Peter Denley
My research has focused on Italian education and specifically the Italian universities from their origins to 1500, which I have sought to place in their cultural, political and social contexts. More recently I have been comparing the Italian university system with its northern counterparts, and have become particularly interested in the legacy of the medieval universities, and what the complex manifestations of their ritual life tells us about how they were perceived.

Dr Thomas Asbridge
My interests lie predominantly in the study of crusades and medieval history.

Prof Virginia Davis
My research interests centre on the history of the medieval church and its relationship with society with particular reference to England c.1350-1540, drawing upon evidence from material culture as well as from written sources and utilising digital technologies to explore the material. Other interests include the English clergy in the late medieval ages, religion in the medieval household as well as women and religion.

Prof James Bolton
I am an expert in both British and European Medieval history, from 400 AD to 1500 AD. More specifically, I conduct research on the medieval English economy, particularly the coinage, money supply and the impacts of inflation and deflation. I am also interested in migration to England from north-western Europe and Ireland in the fifteenth century.

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