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Expertise: Law

Prof Maher Dabbah
Beyond competition law, I take particular interest in the Middle East, especially Middle Eastern politics and the Arab-Israeli conflict. I have had various involvements on these fronts over the years and used to be active in the Middle-East peace process many years ago, especially when I served as head of the Union of Israeli Students in the United Kingdom, an organisation of which I was the first and only Arab to be voted and appointed Chairman. I am the author of the book, A Promising Middle East (2014) which deals with issues of major importance for the Middle East region - notably, education, ideology, political leadership, race and religion, culture, democracy and peace.

Prof Maxi Scherer
My research focuses on international arbitration (in particular international commercial arbitration and investment arbitration in the energy sector), international litigation and international private law. I am a member of the editorial board of the French/English bilingual International Business law Journal (RDAI/IBLJ) where I co-ordinate publications on international arbitration.

Prof Richard Nobles
My areas of expertise include jurisprudence, criminal appeals and miscarriages of justice.

Prof Rafael Leal-Arcas
My research interests lie in international economic law and the external relations law of the EU. Other areas of interest include climate change, World Trade Organisation Law and international investment law.

Prof Kenneth Armstrong
European Union Law; UK Constitutional Law; European Institutions (political and legal; application of EU Law in the UK.

Dr Shazia Choudhry
My research interests lie in the fields of European and UK human rights law and in particular the interface of those fields with substantive areas of family law. Particular areas of interest include the impact of the HRA and the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) on forced marriage and honour based violence, violence against women as a human rights issue and the effect of rights-based reasoning in the law relating to children. My work with Professor Herring at Oxford has, in particular, been recognised as representing the first detailed application of the principles of the European Convention on Human Rights to the issue of domestic violence and took place prior to the first such application of the Convention in this area by the European Court of Human Rights in Opuz v Turkey (2009).

Prof Julia Hornle
My research predominantly focuses on internet law and the jurisdictional and regulatory issues raised by the internet. This includes online dispute resolution, consumer protection and e-commerce.

Prof Rosa Lastra
I am an expert in several areas of international banking and have served as a consultant to the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. This links in to my work on financial law and regulation as well as law reform in emerging economies.

Prof Ian Walden
My current research interests are cybercrime, telecommunications law, media regulation and free and open source software.This encompasses areas such as cross-border electronic banking, data protection and e-commerce.

Prof Loukas Mistelis
My research focuses on international arbitration (in particular, the internationalisation and potential autonomy of commercial arbitration, investment arbitration and harmonisation of arbitration procedure), international commercial transactions (in particular, long-term contracts, international sales and trade finance), secured transactions, comparative law (in particular, legal transplants and the role of the judiciary), unification of private law, Central and Eastern European Law, and ADR.

Prof Christopher Reed
My main area of expertise is electronic commerce law. This includes cross-border regulation of online activities, electronic signatures, as well as online banking and financial services. I am also currently engaged in research on community self-regulation and on various aspects of cloud computing.

Prof Uma Suthersanen
My expertise covers two broad areas, namely International intellectual property law and policy as well as creativity and human society.

Prof George Walker
I am currently focused on a number of key trends in banking and financial law at the UK, European and international law levels. Current major research projects are in the areas of UK Financial Regulatory Reform and International Capital Standards.

Prof Johanna Gibson
Intellectual property law and policy; Intellectual property and public health; Access to medicines; Patent law; Development; Traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expressions; Copyright; Concepts of creativity, imitation and collaborative innovation; Open access and access to knowledge; Open source and Creative Commons, Legal theory; Sociology of law.

Dr Gail Evans
International Intellectual Property Law and Electronic Commerce.

Prof Janet Dine
Interaction of human rights law and international trade law.

Dr David Southern
My work covers all aspects of UK taxation, with special emphasis on corporate finance.

Prof Alan Dignam
My major research interests are company law, corporate governance and the application of Constitutional Rights/Human Rights to corporations. I have written widely in domestic and international law journals on company and commercial law matters, and am the co-author with Professor John Lowry (UCL) of Company Law (Oxford University Press, 2008) and with David Allen of Company Law and the Human Rights Act (Butterworths, 2000).

Prof Duncan Matthews
Global intellectual property rights, particularly the impact of patents on access to medicines (e.g. anti-retrovirals for HIV and AIDS) in developing countries.

Ms Laura Edgar
Electronic commerce; especially digital payment systems and taxation issues.

Prof Kate Malleson
The judiciary; the constitution; the legal system

Prof Eric Heinze
Jurisprudence and legal theory; constitutional law; public international law; international human rights law; philosophy.

Prof Malgosia Fitzmaurice
International environmental law and the law of treaties; indigenous peoples (in partcular the Saami people).

Prof Peter Alldridge
I am an expert in criminal law, comprising money laundering; criminal justice; evidence; commercial criminal law; financial aspects of crime; disability and law; information technology and law; legal education and legal theory.

Dr Solomon Schneider
Dr Schneider specialises in international and comparative tax law, with a particular focus on domestic and international tax policy and the Chinese and US tax systems.

Prof Merris Amos
My research focuses on UK human rights law (including the Human Rights Act of 1998) as well as the effect of European human rights law at the national level.

Prof Phoebe Okowa
My research interests are primarily in the field of Public International Law, especially International Environmental Law, Use of Force, and State Responsibility.

Prof Rachael Mulheron
My primary research interest is class actions jurisprudence. My research in this area encompasses, in particular: the design and application of the class action; the comparative analysis of the opt-out regimes in the United States and in the Commonwealth jurisdictions of Australia and Canada; the study of the English opt-in models and of European regimes; and the consideration of the interaction between the drafting and operation of a class action and the substantive law (especially Tort law). I am also interested in medical negligence.

Prof Guido Westkamp
My research is predominantly concerned with international and european copyright and intellectual property law. Related areas of research are competition law, conflict of laws, intellectual property and digital technology.

Mr Ivor Edmunds
Property law; land law; equity and trusts; environmental law; social exclusion and community prejudice experienced by people with mental health problems; disability discrimination in the context of property and housing rights.

Dr Aoife Monks
I'm a theatre historian who studies the peculiarities of acting, in the form of star and virtuoso performances, 19th century Stage Irish and blackface minstrel performers, the role of fashion and costume in the star system, sentimentality, superstition and backstage cultures at the theatre, nudity onstage, and acting training and practice. I'm also interested in various forms and histories of popular Irishness, such as the work of Michael Flatley, Riverdance, St Patrick's Day Parades, Dion Boucicault, nationalist speeches from the dock and the Irish ballad. I write on performance and the law, examining how the law is performed onstage, and how the law is itself theatrical. I have a particular expertise in theatre costume, considering its relationship to systems of fashion, dress reform, archives and museums, actorly superstition and of course, asking the most important question: 'what should ghosts wear in performance?'

Prof Sean Mcconville
My research and writing have centered on the history of punishment and on contemporary criminal and penal policy. I have extensive prison-related consultancy and litigation experience. Around this core I have followed my interests in various directions, including prison and institutional architecture and design, Islamic criminal law, the peace process in Ireland, law and poverty and research design and methodology.

Mr Ian Yeats
Tort law; constitutional law; administrative law.

Prof Valsamis Mitsilegas
My interests and expertise lie in the areas of EU law (with particular focus on the evolution of the Union into an Area of Freedom, Security and Justice), global security governance and human rights. I have published widely in the fields of European criminal law, immigration and asylum and security and counter-terrorism law. I am also an expert in the field of legal responses to transnational organised crime, corruption and money laundering.

Dr Prakash Shah
I specialise in legal pluralism, religion and law, ethnic minorities and diasporas in law, immigration, refugee and nationality law, and comparative law with special reference to South Asia.

Prof Roger Cotterrell Fba
My primary current research interests are in the fields of legal theory exploring the relations of law, trust, community and culture; the history and contemporary significance of the legal sociology of Emile Durkheim and the 'Durkheim School' and relations between the fields of comparative law and sociology of law .

Prof Jonathan Griffiths
I am currently working on research projects concerning the development of European copyright law by the Court of Justice, tobacco plain packaging legislation, trade marks and expropriation and the role of fundamental rights in European copyright law.

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