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Expertise: Biomedicine

Prof Maxine Robertson
My research interests focus primarily on three inter-related areas: networked innovation processes and practices, knowledge work and professional identity. I have explored these domains in a variety of sectors and contexts, notably the biomedical sector. Recent funded research projects include an examination of the barriers to women reaching senior management positions in a large IT organization; a 2 year ESRC funded project on the Management of clinical trials and a three year ESRC/EPSRC funded project entitled "The Evolution of Biomedical Knowledge: Interactive Innovation in the UK and US" which developed a multi-level analysis of the factors that both facilitate and constrain the development of biomedical innovations.

Prof Pankaj Vadgama
My research interests include the development of biocompatible biosensors for reliable metabolite monitoring in critically ill patients. Specific systems include sensors for glucose and lactate. I am also investigating the interaction of cells and proteins at materials surface and am presently studying the use of spider silk as a tissue engineering scaffold.

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