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Expertise: Teeth

Prof Mark Hector
My main areas of interest include innervation of deciduous teeth, their supporting structures and reflexes; diabetic neuropathy and oral health; salivation in children and its role in maintaining a healthy mouth; oral biology; homeostasis of oral pH.protecting enamel with salivary proteins - molecular dentistry.

Dr Stephanie Dowker
Structure and chemistry of apatites and biological mineralized tissues; apatite, hydroxyapatite, carbonate apatites, nitrogenous apatites; dental enamel, dentine, bone, biomineralization, dental caries; X-ray microradiography, microtomography; X-ray.

Mr Philip Taylor
Restorative dentistry, prosthodontics (Crowns , bridges, implants and dentures); endodontics; tooth wear; occlusion.

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