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Expertise: Leukaemia

Dr Li Jia
For over 20 years, my main research work focused on overcoming the resistance of leukaemia and lymphoma cells to chemo- or immuno-therapy and the roles of mitochondria and Bcl-2 family proteins in apoptotic cell death. Currently, my studies focus on the impact of the inflammatory microenvironment and autophagy on the development and survival mechanism of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and B cell lymphoma.

Dr Jurgen Groet
The long term theme underpinning my research is the study of chromosome and gene dose effects on cellular functions, specifically the phenotypic features of Down syndrome (DS). A particular interest of mine is to determine which chromosome 21 genes are involved in AMKL (a myeloid leukaemia with a 400 fold increased incidence in DS) and TMD (a transient precursor of AMKL, which is characterised by spontaneous remission).

Dr Paul Allen
My research focuses on haematology and leukaemia, drug resistance as well as drug-targeting of leukaemia cells.

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