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Expertise: Proteins

Prof Marina Resmini
The main research interests of my group are currently focused on the development of novel functional nanomaterials with potential applications at the physical and life sciences interface. We use chemistry to confer special properties to materials to be used as drug delivery systems, catalysts and sensors. In the area of drug delivery our clinical targets are cutaneous diseases, hair follicles and neural stem cells.

Prof Richard Pickersgill
My research addresses the structure and activity of proteins. I combine the ideas and methods of molecular, mechanistic, and structural biology to elucidate the molecular basis of protein activity. Current major research themes include: understanding the specificity and mechanism of enzymes; and structural studies of proteins from the human pathogen Shigella flexneri.

Prof Peter Heathcote
The study of the structure and function of photosynthetic reaction centres has been my main field of research until recently, with recent studies concentrating on studies of the ferredoxin-reducing or Type I reaction centres (i.e. the photosystem I reaction centre and equivalents in green sulphur bacteria and Heliobacteria).

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