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Expertise: Stem cells

Prof Rizgar Mageed
My studies are focussed on defining the molecular basis of humoral autoimmunity in patients with rheumatic diseases. These studies explore how abnormalities in intracellular signaling pathways in lymphocytes promote hyperactivity and autoimmunity. Other areas of research include stem-cell based gene therapy, antibody genes and intracellular signalling.

Prof John Gribben
My primary research interests include the immunotherapy of cancer (including stem cell transplantation), the identification of B-cell-tumour antigens; and the detection and treatment of minimal residual disease in leukaemia and lymphoma.

Prof Anthony Mathur
I lead a collaborative group with Prof. John Martin (UCL) seeking to address the role of stem cells in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. My research in interventional cardiology is targeted at the no-option patient with the aim of developing new techniques and devices to treat patients that fall outside the remit of current recognised therapies.

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