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Expertise: Germany

Dr Robert Gillett
My main research interests lie in the study of German, Austrian and Comparative Cultural Studies from 1800 to the present day, especially feminist and queer studies and the work of Hubert Fichte.

Prof Astrid Kohler
My research interests are divided between two broad fields: the Cultural History of late 18th & early 19th Century Germany on the one hand, and the Literature written by East German Authors before and after German re-unification on the other. I am particularly interested in Goethe's Weimar.

Prof Ruediger Goerner
My research focuses on the history and current state of Anglo-German cultural/literary relations. I have recently conducted research on literary representations of the five senses, the poetics of voice, Georg Trakl and literary Modernism and the Tower as a literary figuration. I have published studies on Hölderlin's poetics, the Goethezeit, Austrian literature from Stifter to Thomas Bernhard, on Rainer Maria Rilke and Thomas Mann and his notion of finality in culture as well as studies on literary aesthetics.

Prof Angus Nicholls
My overarching area of expertise is German literature and philosophy. Specific projects include a study of the relations between literary criticism and scientific method in nineteenth-century Britain and Germany. Another area of interest is Germans in Australia during the nineteenth-century, examined in book chapters and journal articles on Ludwig Leichhardt and Carl Strehlow. I am also interested in Goethe, theories of myth and German thought from 1750 until the present.

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