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Expertise: Statistical Mechanics

Prof Christian Beck
I have a very broad spectrum of research interests, ranging from statistical physics, dynamical systems, statistical analysis and optimization for complex systems to axionic dark matter physics. I am currently co-investigator of the EPSRC grant Flood MEMORY (Multi-Event Modelling Of Risk & recoverY), a joint project of 10 UK universities to better understand the clustered statistics of flooding events.

Dr Rainer Klages
The main theme of my research is to understand the interplay between the microscopic motion of particles and the transport properties of systems composed of many such particles on a macroscopic scale. More recently I got interested in anomalous transport phenomena emerging from microscopic dynamics that is much stronger correlated than ordinary Brownian motion. This theory is applied to understand experiments on biological cell migration and on the foraging of bumblebees. I also started to work on computer simulations of single-molecule diffusion in nanopores. My research in theoretical physics and applied mathematics thus stretches over the whole range from mathematical foundations towards experimental applications.

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