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Expertise: Immunotherapy

Dr Li Jia
For over 20 years, my main research work focused on overcoming the resistance of leukaemia and lymphoma cells to chemo- or immuno-therapy and the roles of mitochondria and Bcl-2 family proteins in apoptotic cell death. Currently, my studies focus on the impact of the inflammatory microenvironment and autophagy on the development and survival mechanism of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and B cell lymphoma.

Prof Ahuva Nissim
My research focuses on the development of targeted immunotherapy to novel neoantigens produced specifically in diseased tissue. Hence, a specific targeted immunotherapy for the treatment of arthropathies has been developed. The research has expanded to other autoimmune conditions such as periodontal diseases and type 1 diabetes.

Prof John Gribben
My primary research interests include the immunotherapy of cancer (including stem cell transplantation), the identification of B-cell-tumour antigens; and the detection and treatment of minimal residual disease in leukaemia and lymphoma.

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