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Expertise: Women

Prof Michele Barrett
I have maintained a consistent interest in the writings of Virginia Woolf, but am also an expert in areas such as social theorisation of modernism and post-modernism, feminism and the imagination. The relationship between literary writing and other forms of cultural representation contribute to my research. I also study ideology, aesthetics, gender and post-stucturalist ideas.

Prof Morag Shiach
Research interests include the cultural history of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries; feminism and cultural analysis, particularly the French feminist, theorist, writer and playright, Hélène Cixous; film studies and visual culture; Virginia Woolf.

Prof Rainbow Murray
My research focuses on gender and politics, French and comparative politics, elections, representation and political parties. I have explored the impact of the French 'parity' law on parliamentary representation in France. I am also working on media coverage of women candidates for executive office around the world. My recent work includes the reassessment of our understanding of gender quotas, and the start of a larger study looking at how gender quotas change representative democracy over space and time.

Dr Lucy Bolton
My fields of expertise are cinema and its relationship to philosophy as well as classic film studies approaches. I specialise in stardom, women's cinema, feminist philosophy, film theory and British and American cinema.

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