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Expertise: Probability

Prof Ilia Goldsheid
My research is mainly in probability theory and mathematical physics. More specifically but still in broad terms, it could be described as the study of quantum and classical dynamics in random media. Finally in much more precise terms, I am interested in the celebrated localization problem for the Anderson model, i.e. quantum particles in random media, and in the study of random walks in random environments, as models for classical particles in random media. My other interests include asymptotic behaviour of products of random matrices, study of Lyapunov exponents of products random transformations, spectral properties of non-self-adjoint random operators. Some of the latter topics are motivated by the study of the localization problem and random walks; at the same time all of them are of great importance in their own right.

Prof Borys Khoruzhenko
My research interests are in the Random Matrix Theory and its applications. This involves investigating patterns in distribution of eigenvalues and eigenvectors of random matrices and operators.

Dr Dudley Stark
My work includes the study of probability and combinatorics eg card shuffling and dice, as well as randomly chosen combinatorial structures. I also work on modelling oil production.

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