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Expertise: Skin

Prof David Kelsell
My work primarily focuses on the molecular mechanisms underlying primarily inherited monogenic disease. New studies include the identification of the first human ADAM17 mutations (underlie inflammatory bowel and skin disease) plus the identification of the genetic cause of a familial form of susceptibility to oesophageal cancer called "Tylosis" - members have a very high risk of developing squamous cell cancer of the oesophagus (up to 95% by age 65).

Prof Rino Cerio
I am the UK's only expert on dermatopathology. Other areas of expertise include immunofluorescence, skin cancer, psoriasis and immunodermatosis.

Prof Edel O'Toole
I am a clinical academic with an active research group working on diverse aspects of keratinocyte and cancer biology. Other research interests include dermatology, skin genetics and cell migration/invasion.

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