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Expertise: Nervous system

Dr Rachel Ashworth
I conduct research in cell signalling during the development of an embryo, nerve and muscle development as well as imaging and fluorescence

Prof Adina Michael-Titus
A large component of my present research programme is focused on neuroprotective agents in acute spinal cord injury and spinal cord neurodegeneration. Several of my present projects explore the remarkable therapeutic potential of natural compounds, such as the n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. My group has also started a programme of studies on new therapeutic directions in Alzheimer's disease.

Dr Gregory Michael
The function and characterisation of neural cells and response of these cells to injury; how neurons react to inputs such as temperature, mechanical force, pH and ATP levels in tissues, ultimately resulting in a perception of pain; which cells are involved and how each may respond to different stimuli or under different conditions (i.e. during inflammation); the relief of chronic pain; methods of stimulating neuronal recovery following injury.

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