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Expertise: Heart

Prof Christopher Griffiths
My main research interests include asthma, COPD, TB, allergy, diabetes, vitamin D, primary care, clinical trials, and qualitative research.

Prof Mark Caulfield
My research interests include cardiovascular medicine, genetics of cardiovascular diseases, genetics of common diseases and hypertension. I also lead the MRC British Genetics of Hypertension Study, and am on the Steering group for 3 major Cardiovascular Outcome trials; ASCOT, Illuminate and Aviator.

Prof Anthony Mathur
I lead a collaborative group with Prof. John Martin (UCL) seeking to address the role of stem cells in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. My research in interventional cardiology is targeted at the no-option patient with the aim of developing new techniques and devices to treat patients that fall outside the remit of current recognised therapies.

Prof Roger Corder
My research focuses on identification of biomarkers of disease for the early diagnosis of patients before symptoms develop, and which also respond to treatment so that they can be used as surrogate outcome measures in clinical trials. I conduct clinical trials of dietary polyphenols to develop an evidence-based approach to improving vascular health or reducing diabetes through optimised foods and nutraceutical products. I also work on the characterisation of cellular and molecular actions of dietary polyphenols in order to define targets for future drug development.

Prof Stephen Greenwald
I am an expert in arterial elasticity and its non-invasive measurement. I also have interests in areas such as the mechanical factors in the pathogenesis of vascular disease, arterial wave propagation and histomorphometry.

Prof Stephanie Taylor
My research interests include complex interventions, chronic disease management and the self management of chronic conditions. I have led a number of systematic reviews of quantitative research evidence and am currently involved in a number of clinical trials of complex interventions in the community, including a large study of the effect of promoting physical activity on depression amongst residents in residential and nursing homes, and a programme grant looking at self management for chromic musculoskeletal pain. I have also researched adolescent obesity in the east end of London.

Prof David Wald
I am undertaking research into the prevention of cardiovascular disease. My clinical/academic aims are to bridge the interventional and preventive approaches to cardiovascular disease which are often viewed as distinct. Other interests include screening for familial hypercholesterolaemia, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and the effect of folic acid on cardiovascular disease.

Dr Martin Carrier
My research focuses on molecular pharmacology of cardiovascular disease associated with atherosclerosis and type 2 diabetes. I am also interested in the role of oxidative stress and endothelial function in these processes.

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