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Expertise: Algebra

Prof Thomas Mueller
My main research interests are in Group Theory, Complex Analysis, Combinatorics and Number Theory. Among other things, I am working on aspects of Subgroup Growth, more specifically Subgroup Arithmetic of Hecke Groups and other virtually free groups, and Poincaré's problem for the modular group and more general free products. Other projects include: enumerative problems in Permutation Groups, applications of complex analytic methods to orthogonal polynomials, combinatorial questions related to Coxeter groups, continuous analogues of free groups involving words indexed by ordered abelian groups instead of integers, as well as actions of these groups on lambda-trees.

Prof Shahn Majid
Algebraic structures on the interface between pure mathematics and mathematical physics, including quantum gravity; non commutative differential geometry; quantum groups or Hopf algebras with applications in representation theory and knot theory.

Prof William Jackson
My main areas of research are discrete mathematics, graph theory and matroid theory as well as their applications to computer science.

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