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Expertise: Dentistry

Prof Graham Davis
The development of advanced X-ray microtomography apparatus and its applications to the study of biological hard tissues and various non-biological materials.

Prof Paul Anderson
My main research area is the chemistry of enamel and hydroxyapatite in the context of de and remineralisation of enamel. I have also conducted research on X-ray microscopy, scanning microradiography and X-ray microtomography.

Prof Farida Fortune Cbe
My main research interests include oral and systemic immune related oral diseases, specifically Behcet's Disease, a rare immune disorder.

Prof Ahmad Waseem
My research deals with the mechanisms that regulate differentiation and growth of keratinocytes in skin and oral epithelia. I am particularly interested in keratin proteins, which specifically characterize the epithelial nature of a tissue.

Prof Robert Allaker
Host/microbial interactions and antimicrobial research have provided the focus for my career.These areas include skin and oral infections; periodontal diseases in man and animals; innate immunity; Nitric Oxide; antimicrobial peptides; oral bacteria and systemic disease.

Dr Alan Cruchley
My research activity has built on my work for my PhD and has been primarily concerned with the defensive and protective capacity of oral mucosa. I have published on the role of the permeability barrier in oral disease, the role of saliva derived growth factors in mucosal protection and drug delivery across the oral mucosa. I have developed an in vitro assay to study the role of the mucosal barrier in mucosal health and disease. My work with the model has attracted significant industrial funding, exploring the effect of oral health products and components on the oral mucosa and investigating the mechanisms underlying the responses of the epithelium. I am currently using this model to investigate mucosal barrier homeostasis, the pathogenesis of oral submucous fibrosis and oral cancer; and the role of the barrier in the response of the mucosa to host commensal and pathogenic organisms.

Prof Ferranti Wong
X-Ray microtomography; hypodontia; enamel/dentine defects; mineralised tissue; mineral concentration of biological calcific issues; 3-D rendering and analysis.

Prof Helen Liversidge
I am interested in methods of assessing dental age and maturity in childhood, tooth formation standards, dental anthropology and deciduous tooth morphology. This includes tooth eruption and formation in humans and timing of crown and root stages of deciduous teeth.

Prof Mangala Patel
My initial research on the development of biocompatible, low shrinkage methacrylate based systems, involved detailed studies of physico-mechanical properties. My subsequent research centres on the development of novel polymeric systems (dental and orthopaedic related/biomaterials) for the delivery of therapeutic (active) species, locally within the oral cavity and in the body, and the analysis of water absorption and diffusion processes associated with drug release.

Dr Michael Cattell
The nucleation and crystallisation of novel glasses and leucite glass-ceramics for Dentistry and processing techniques to enhance their mechanical properties are my main research areas. Work has been carried out to develop new leucite glass-ceramics as low wear/high strength materials for all ceramic dental restorations, with heat extrusion as a method of restoration manufacture. I have also explored etchable glaze coatings for dental prostheses to improve mechanical properties.

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