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Expertise: Politics

Prof David Colclough
My research focuses on early modern literature and thought. I am especially interested in the connections between literary, political, and religious writing, and in the material forms of their dissemination, in manuscript and in print. My first monograph, Freedom of Speech in Early Stuart England (Cambridge University Press, 2005), studied debates over freedom of expression in rhetorical handbooks, parliamentary debates, religious polemic, and manuscript miscellanies.

Dr Brendan O'Duffy
My research is on national and ethnic conflict regulation, with particular reference to Northern Ireland, Sri Lanka and Cyprus; Political Violence/Terrorism; ethnicity, religion and political radicalisation in the UK and Europe.

Dr Madeleine Davis
My major research interest is in the history of socialist political thought in Britain. I have focused especially on the post-1956 British New Left, a current whose key thinkers included E.P. Thompson, John Saville, Stuart Hall, Raymond Williams, Ralph Milliband, Perry Anderson and Tom Nairn. An earlier strand of my work, arising from my time at ILAS, focused on the Pinochet case and its implications and effects, especially in terms of securing accountability for past human rights violations in countries that have undergone transitions from authoritarian rule.

Dr Lee Jones
Domestic and international politis of South East Asia (including Burma, Thailand, East Timor, Cambodia, etc); Asean (association of SouthEast Asian Nations) and other regional institutions. Regional security policy and international policies towards the region.

Prof Gerard Hanlon
My research interests include social theory, the nature of market societies, corporate social responsibility, the relationship between the state and the market, political economy, the work of the middle class, professional organisations, and industrial sociology. These interests coalesce around the contested goals of organisations, how labour is mobilised to achieve these, the reasons why, and the ways within which, these goals are reconfigured.

Prof James Dunkerley
My main areas of research are the history and politics of Latin America, with particular focus on the Andes.

Dr Christopher Phillips
My research interests lie primarily in the role of identity in the politics and international relations of the Arab Middle East. My work to date has used nationalism and international relations theory to explore the interaction of Arab, state and religious identities in the identity discourses of modern Arab states. For the past few years I have investigated in detail the official identity discourses of two modern Arab states, Syria and Jordan, considering how Arab identity in particular has been constructed, sustained and reproduced in an everyday manner.

Prof Else Vieira
My research focuses on Brazilian and comparative Latin American studies. This encompasses the study of Brazilian exiles and migrants, translation and culture in post colonial and dictatorship contexts, and the dispossession of people.

Prof Rainbow Murray
My research focuses on gender and politics, French and comparative politics, elections, representation and political parties. I have explored the impact of the French 'parity' law on parliamentary representation in France. I am also working on media coverage of women candidates for executive office around the world. My recent work includes the reassessment of our understanding of gender quotas, and the start of a larger study looking at how gender quotas change representative democracy over space and time.

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