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Expertise: Victorian age

Dr David Brooks
My research includes modern British and modern French political history. This includes Victorian and Edwardian politics linking in to nineteenth and early twentieth-century British political history. Outside of this, my main academic responsibility has been the organisation of the annual Gladstone Conference, at the former prime minister's home at Hawarden.

Prof Matthew Rubery
My research interests include Victorian literature, media, and reading practices. My first book, The Novelty of Newspapers: Victorian Fiction after the Invention of the News (Oxford, 2009), was awarded the European Society for the Study of English Book Award for Junior Scholars. My most recent work in this field is Secret Commissions: An Anthology of Victorian Investigative Journalism (Broadview, 2012), which documents how unsparing descriptions of poverty and social injustice became a regular feature of English journalism. My subsequent work continues to explore how writers address the relationship between literature and new media.

Dr Tristram Hunt
I am an intellectual and cultural historian, with a particular focus on the urban past. My initial work looked at the ideological development of Victorian civic pride - and its aesthetic and architectural representation. A focus on the history of Manchester led me to my next major project, a life of Friedrich Engels and his place within 19th century British thought. I continue to research the history of Marxism whilst pursuing new studies in the field of colonial cities. My latest book explores the history of the British Empire through its manifestation in the urban form, across both colonies and Great Britain.

Prof Thomas Dixon
My current research interests are in the histories of emotions (especially tears and weeping), medicine and science, and in the cultural history of philosophy (including Stoicism and existentialism). Previous research projects have explored the histories of psychological categories, Victorian moral thought, and the relationships between science and religion.

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