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Expertise: Poetry

Prof Catherine Maxwell
Victorian poetry and the literature of the Victorian fin de si├Ęcle.

Prof Margaret Reynolds
My interests include poetry, Sappho, Greek drama, 18th and 19th century literature, and contemporary writing and culture. I am also a regular presenter on Radio 4, and write a column in The Times.

Prof Julia Boffey
I continue to be interested in courtly verse, manuscript studies and the circulation of both literary and other writings. More recently, my research has explored the implications for textual production, transmission and reception brought about by the introduction of printing in England. I also study Chaucer and responses to his work.

Prof Andrea Brady
My scholarly interests in early modern and contemporary writing overlap with my poetic practice. Recent research focusses on metaphors of embodiment in Renaissance writing, as well as on metre and bondage across several historical periods. I am particularly interested in interaction between poetry and politics. Other areas of interest include avant-garde writing and anthropological approaches to literature.

Dr Peter Howarth
Twentieth-century poetry, particularly modernism (Eliot, Auden, Stevens, Moore), WW1 poetry, and poetry in performance (theatre, confessionals, liturgy, avant-gardes, soundtracks, pop).

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