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Expertise: Medicine

Prof Wen Wang
My work encompasses biofluid mechanics, microcirculation, tissue deformation, gas exchange and osmoregulation.

Prof Muhammad Yaqoob
All aspects of renal and transplant medicine.

Prof Johanna Gibson
Intellectual property law and policy; Intellectual property and public health; Access to medicines; Patent law; Development; Traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expressions; Copyright; Concepts of creativity, imitation and collaborative innovation; Open access and access to knowledge; Open source and Creative Commons, Legal theory; Sociology of law.

Prof Timothy Warner
My expertise lies in the field of Vascular biology. Specific areas of interest include inflammation and non-steroidal drugs.

Prof Martin Knight
My research is focussed on 'mechanobiology' or how living cells and tissues respond to physical forces. This includes the mechanical properties of living cells and tissues and the biological response. In particular I am interested in the role of the fascinating cellular structure known as the primary cilium (cilia in plural) and how this structure is involved in health and disease. I work with a variety of different cell types including cartilage cells, tendon cells, neurons and stem cells helping to understand important diseases such as osteoarthritis, tendonopathy and ovarian cancer.

Prof Julia Shelton
My field of research covers biomechanics, in particular, the development of measurement systems applied to the body. Aspects of my research include the evaluation of tissue engineered structures and developing accelerated wear testing, in vitro, for the evaluation of total hip joint replacements.

Prof Dylan Morrissey
My main research interests are tendinopathy, evidence translation and the link between movement and pathology. Through my research, I aim to deliver step changes in the understanding and management of common musculoskeletal conditions. I am also passionate about paralympic sport, and was a headquarters physiotherapist for London 2012.

Prof Nicholas Wald
My research interests include epidemiology, public health, and screening (ante-natal, cancer, cardio-vascular). I am the innovator of the "Polypill", a new approach to the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease, and with my son David have conducted a trial demonstrating the expected effect of a polypill. I have also worked on primary prevention of serious disorders such as neural tube defects and lung cancer. I have pioneered research on the benefits of Folic Acid during pregnancy, as well as the Barts Triple Test for early detection of Down's syndrome.

Prof Sandra Eldridge
Medical statistics particularly statistics in primary health care, cluster randomised trial design and complex interventions.

Dr Sarah Hull
East London General Practice Database Project; interface between accident and emergency departments and general practice; mental health services in primary care.

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