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Expertise: British Politics

Prof Tim Bale
My main areas of expertise are British and European politics, in particular electoral and party politics.  I am one of the country's foremost experts on the Conservative Party and on the extreme/far-right in Europe.

Dr Madeleine Davis
My major research interest is in the history of socialist political thought in Britain. I have focused especially on the post-1956 British New Left, a current whose key thinkers included E.P. Thompson, John Saville, Stuart Hall, Raymond Williams, Ralph Milliband, Perry Anderson and Tom Nairn. An earlier strand of my work, arising from my time at ILAS, focused on the Pinochet case and its implications and effects, especially in terms of securing accountability for past human rights violations in countries that have undergone transitions from authoritarian rule.

Dr David Brooks
My research includes modern British and modern French political history. This includes Victorian and Edwardian politics linking in to nineteenth and early twentieth-century British political history. Outside of this, my main academic responsibility has been the organisation of the annual Gladstone Conference, at the former prime minister's home at Hawarden.

Prof Rainbow Murray
My research focuses on gender and politics, French and comparative politics, elections, representation and political parties. I have explored the impact of the French 'parity' law on parliamentary representation in France. I am also working on media coverage of women candidates for executive office around the world. My recent work includes the reassessment of our understanding of gender quotas, and the start of a larger study looking at how gender quotas change representative democracy over space and time.

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