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Expertise: String Theory

Prof David Berman
My main research interests are in M-theory, the nonperturbative version of string theory. The extended objects in M-theory are membranes and five-branes. They are related to strings and D-branes in string theory via dimensional reduction. Over the last few years my research has been devoted to understanding the interactions of these branes. Mainly this is through studying how membranes end on fivebranes. My other interests over the years have been varied and include: Holography and the AdS/CFT coresspondence; noncommutative geometry; and S-duality in gauge theories. Recently I have been interested in backgrounds to string theory that are intrinsically stringy in origin and not just solutions to supergravity; these go by the name of T-folds.

Prof Andreas Brandhuber
My main research interests are centered around string theory, gravity, gauge theories and their interrelations. In the last years my research has been devoted to exploring theoretical scenarios where the interplay between string and field theory has proved to be particularly fruitful and productive.

Dr Sanjaye Ramgoolam
String theory and M theory, developing an understanding of branes which play a crucial role in the modern formulation of string theory.

Dr Rodolfo Russo
Theoretical physics and String Theory.

Prof William Spence
My research interests are in M-theory and string theory and their applications in physics and mathematics. Since 2004 I have mainly been working on applications originally inspired by twistor string theory. This research area has unearthed powerful new approaches to quantum field theory, gravity and string theory, ranging from twistor theory formulations to novel techniques to calculate scattering amplitudes relevant to the Large Hadron Collider.

Prof Steven Thomas
I am a member of the Centre for Research in String Theory. My main research interests are in the field of string theory in particular to models of string/particle phenomenology and cosmology. My recent work has included topics such as non-abelian Dirac-Born-Infeld (DBI) theories of coincident D-branes and their application in models of inflationary cosmology; tachyon condensation in multiple unstable D-brane systems and defect formation; particle physics models based on ISS type metastable supersymmetry breaking.

Prof Gabriele Travaglini
My research focusses on quantum field theory, string theory and their connections. I am also investigating how the non-perturbative structure of gauge theories can be understood through string-theoretic results.

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