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Expertise: Israel - Palestine

Prof Maher Dabbah
Beyond competition law, I take particular interest in the Middle East, especially Middle Eastern politics and the Arab-Israeli conflict. I have had various involvements on these fronts over the years and used to be active in the Middle-East peace process many years ago, especially when I served as head of the Union of Israeli Students in the United Kingdom, an organisation of which I was the first and only Arab to be voted and appointed Chairman. I am the author of the book, A Promising Middle East (2014) which deals with issues of major importance for the Middle East region - notably, education, ideology, political leadership, race and religion, culture, democracy and peace.

Dr Brendan O'Duffy
My research is on national and ethnic conflict regulation, with particular reference to Northern Ireland, Sri Lanka and Cyprus; Political Violence/Terrorism; ethnicity, religion and political radicalisation in the UK and Europe.

Dr Christopher Phillips
My research interests lie primarily in the role of identity in the politics and international relations of the Arab Middle East. My work to date has used nationalism and international relations theory to explore the interaction of Arab, state and religious identities in the identity discourses of modern Arab states. For the past few years I have investigated in detail the official identity discourses of two modern Arab states, Syria and Jordan, considering how Arab identity in particular has been constructed, sustained and reproduced in an everyday manner.

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