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Expertise: Nanotechnology

Dr Kevin Donovan
My research focuses on molecular and materials physics, as well as electron transport in low dimensional organic structures. Other interests include carbon nanotubes, conjugated polymers and discotic liquid crystals.

Dr Julien Gautrot
My research is focussed on the study of materials for stem cells and regenerative medicine. My work in the field of biomaterials design is inspired by Nature's strategies to generate complexity and control function and properties. In particular, I am interested in novel synthetic tools and methodologies allowing the use of Nature's own building blocks, peptide sequences, to confer mechanical, chemical and biological properties to biomaterials.

Dr Mark Baxendale
My overarching research interest is in self-organisation and emergent phenomena in the physical and life sciences. Nanotechnology- the understanding, characterisation and manipulation of matter on the scale of several atoms to large macromolecules- is the vehicle for this activity.

Prof Andrew Bushby
My research is centred on the micro- and nano-mechanics of materials and structures. I am a leading expert in the technique of nano indentation for small-scale mechanical property measurement and contribute to ISO Standards working groups for instrumented indentation. Major research themes include the development of methods using spherical indenters, electromechanical properties of ferroelectric thin films, visco-elastic and composites materials, structure-properties relationships in calcified biological tissues and nano-structured crystalline materials. My fundamental research has focused on the origin of size effects in mechanical properties and has led to a new understanding of the strength of nano-structured material

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