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Expertise: America

Dr Joanna Cohen
My first book, Luxurious Citizens: Consumption and Civic Belonging in Nineteenth Century America, charts the creation of the citizen consumer in the US before the Civil War. It reveals how merchants, manufacturers, retailers, advertiser and shoppers themselves attempted to define civic virtue through both personal and national shopping habits, resulting in a vision of citizenship that to this day positions consumption as an American virtue and entitlement. My new work focuses on the circulation and consumption of images of wartime violence in the Atlantic World. I am also interested in citizenship experiences for those on the political and physical margins of America in the nineteenth century.

Dr James Ellison
Anglo-American relations since 1945; Britain and Europe since 1945.

Prof Bill Schwarz
My research focuses on postcolonial history, looking in particular at the end of Britain's empire. At present I am writing a three-volume history entitled Memories of Empire; the first volume, The White Man's World, won the Longman-History Today prize for 2013. I also work on historiographical questions concerning the conceptual underpinnings of postcolonial history, and on the relations between history and memory.

Prof Mark White
I started my career as a specialist in US foreign relations. This has developed into a more general interest in the American presidency and US foreign policy in the Cold War and the post-Cold War era. My particular areas of interest include the Cuban missile crisis, issues of character and leadership and John F. Kennedy.

Dr Daniel Peart
My research focuses on the relationship between Americans and their government in the early United States. My first book, Era of Experimentation: American Political Practices in the Early Republic, explores the diversity of American democracy during this formative period for the young nation. My new project is a study of US policymaking, specifically federal tariff policy, between the War of 1812 and the Civil War.

Dr Harrison Glancy
My main areas of interest are American and British film history. This includes research on Hollywood studios and stars, Anglo-American relations, Second World War films and the works of Alfred Hitchcock.

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