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Expertise: Learning

Ms Jane Reid
My research interests lie in user-related issues in information retrieval (IR), focusing in particular on information seeking behaviour in different contexts, e.g. structured documents. I have also worked on user-centred evaluation of IR systems and interface design for IR systems. I have a developing interest in distance learning, and have strong links with Queen Mary's Open and Distance Learning (ODL) Unit.

Prof Sandra Nicholson
Undergraduate medical student teaching and admission to medical school.

Prof Parveen Kumar
My major interest has been in coeliac disease and gut immunology. I have published widely and given talks on these topics nationally and internationally. My research involved investigating the immunogenetic mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of coeliac disease.

Dr Anthony Stockman
My expertise lies in the following areas: auditory display design; data sonification; access technology for visually impaired; distance learning.

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