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Expertise: Britain

Prof Alastair Owens
My background as a historical geographer and social and economic historian has informed my research on nineteenth and twentieth-century Britain, with a particular interest in Victorian London. Other areas of expertise include the provision of palliative care services in the UK, the historical and geographic contexts of wealth transmission and material culture with particular reference to class and gender.

Dr James Ellison
Anglo-American relations since 1945; Britain and Europe since 1945.

Prolrd Peter Hennessy
My research interests range widely across all aspects of contemporary British History. I have concentrated in particular on Prime ministerial and Cabinet government and the hidden wiring of the British constitution. Other areas include the study of Cold War Britain, nuclear submarines and The Bomb.

Prof Thomas Dixon
My current research interests are in the histories of emotions (especially tears and weeping), medicine and science, and in the cultural history of philosophy (including Stoicism and existentialism). Previous research projects have explored the histories of psychological categories, Victorian moral thought, and the relationships between science and religion.

Dr Madeleine Davis
My major research interest is in the history of socialist political thought in Britain. I have focused especially on the post-1956 British New Left, a current whose key thinkers included E.P. Thompson, John Saville, Stuart Hall, Raymond Williams, Ralph Milliband, Perry Anderson and Tom Nairn. An earlier strand of my work, arising from my time at ILAS, focused on the Pinochet case and its implications and effects, especially in terms of securing accountability for past human rights violations in countries that have undergone transitions from authoritarian rule.

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