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Expertise: Religion

Prof David Colclough
My research focuses on early modern literature and thought. I am especially interested in the connections between literary, political, and religious writing, and in the material forms of their dissemination, in manuscript and in print. My first monograph, Freedom of Speech in Early Stuart England (Cambridge University Press, 2005), studied debates over freedom of expression in rhetorical handbooks, parliamentary debates, religious polemic, and manuscript miscellanies.

Dr Peter Howarth
Twentieth-century poetry, particularly modernism (Eliot, Auden, Stevens, Moore), WW1 poetry, and poetry in performance (theatre, confessionals, liturgy, avant-gardes, soundtracks, pop).

Dr Thomas Asbridge
My interests lie predominantly in the study of crusades and medieval history.

Prof Merle Rubin
My research is broadly concerned with social relations and religious culture. This encompasses gender, family and community relations, Jewish-Christian relations, the cult of Mary and an analysis of European identities.

Prof Thomas Dixon
My current research interests are in the histories of emotions (especially tears and weeping), medicine and science, and in the cultural history of philosophy (including Stoicism and existentialism). Previous research projects have explored the histories of psychological categories, Victorian moral thought, and the relationships between science and religion.

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