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Expertise: Tissue Engineering

Prof David Lee
I am an expert in cell and tissue engineering, in particular load-bearing tissues such as articular cartilage. I also conduct research on bio-ethics and law and biocompatibility testing.

Prof Joost De Bruijn
I conduct research into (synthetic) bone replacement materials and adult stem cells to eventually culture living bone for clinical use (tissue engineering and regenerative medicine).

Prof Martin Knight
My research is focussed on 'mechanobiology' or how living cells and tissues respond to physical forces. This includes the mechanical properties of living cells and tissues and the biological response. In particular I am interested in the role of the fascinating cellular structure known as the primary cilium (cilia in plural) and how this structure is involved in health and disease. I work with a variety of different cell types including cartilage cells, tendon cells, neurons and stem cells helping to understand important diseases such as osteoarthritis, tendonopathy and ovarian cancer.

Prof Julia Shelton
My field of research covers biomechanics, in particular, the development of measurement systems applied to the body. Aspects of my research include the evaluation of tissue engineered structures and developing accelerated wear testing, in vitro, for the evaluation of total hip joint replacements.

Prof Hazel Screen
My research aims to understand how some of the different tissues in our bodies, (particularly tendons and heart valves) are built to be able to withstand the loads they experience in the body. I am particularly interested in understanding how and why they get injured, and looking at ways to prevent this happening.

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