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Expertise: Telecommunications

Dr Raul Mondragon-Ceballos
My research interests include telecommunications, non-linear dynamics to network traffic, use of chaotic maps as fast simulators of packet traffic (eg Internet) and topology of networks.

Dr Christopher Phillips
I conduct research in the following areas: optical networks, signalling, resource management and resilience in communication networks with knowledge of MPLS, GMPLS, ASON, IP protocols, routing and AI; distributed security mechanisms for IP networks; simulation modelling.

Prof Jonathan Pitts
My research interests focus around the theory and practice of resource sharing under uncertainty in networked systems. I am particularly interested in exploring the complex behaviours of shared network and compute infrastructure and expressing these in terms of end-to-end performance. Much of my work in recent years has been to interpret conventional end-to-end metrics using holistic Quality of Experience formulations.

Prof David Arrowsmith
My recent interests have been in complex infrastructure networks. Other research interests include applied mathematics; use of chaotic dynamical systems to model telecommunications networks; development of control systems for congestion reduction in computer networks.

Dr John Schormans
My main focus has always been on analysis, simulation and measurement of packet-based networks, e.g. the internet. I am equally interested in wired and wireless scenarios. I have for some time put particular emphasis on concise queueing models for packet buffering. I am also engaged in analysis and testing methodologies for the Internet Of Things.

Dr Eliane Bodanese
I have performed research on middleware development for distributed systems, Quality of Service (QoS) provisioning in cellular and ad hoc networks, intelligent mechanisms for heterogeneous wireless environments and context aware sensor networks. I have also conducted the first world-wide research project on applying agent-based intelligent control to mobile networks.

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