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Expertise: Diabetes

Prof Paolo Pozzilli
My research is focused on diabetes, encompassing autoimmunity and genetics of diabetes as well as the mechanisms of diabetes.

Prof Ahuva Nissim
My research focuses on the development of targeted immunotherapy to novel neoantigens produced specifically in diseased tissue. Hence, a specific targeted immunotherapy for the treatment of arthropathies has been developed. The research has expanded to other autoimmune conditions such as periodontal diseases and type 1 diabetes.

Prof Graham Hitman
My main research interests are directed to gene discovery arising from genome-wide association scans in type 2 diabetes and the use of epigenetics to study the gene environmental interaction. In addition to GIFTS, I am also one of the principal investigators of the CARDS (Collaborative Atorvastatin Diabetes Study) trial that has influenced the development of current lipid lowering guidelines in diabetes and am a principal investigator of two pilot diabetes prevention trials.

Dr Simon Coppack
Adipose tissue physiology; obesity; lipid metabolism; invivo physiological methods including arterioenuous differences and isotope kinetics; insulin resistance.

Prof Christopher Griffiths
My main research interests include asthma, COPD, TB, allergy, diabetes, vitamin D, primary care, clinical trials, and qualitative research.

Prof Richard Leslie
Diabetes; immunology; metabolism; epidemiology.

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