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Expertise: Chemistry

Dr Steffi Krause
My research focuses on biosensor and gas sensor development and electrochemical imaging. This includes impedance imaging, Scanning Photo-induced Impedance Microscopy (SPIM), biosensors based on thin film degradation, quartz crystal microbalance and gas sensors.

Dr Isaac Abrahams
My main area of research can broadly be defined as solid state and structural chemistry. I also specialise in a wide range of other areas, such as: structural inorganic chemisty; X-ray crystallography; neutron diffraction; EXAFS; solid state ionic conductors for battery, fuel cell and electrochemical separation membrane applications; phosphate based glasses; ceramics and glass ceramics as biomaterials.

Dr Terence Dennis
My research centers on the synthesis, purification, and spectroscopic characterization of novel fullerene related materials. I conducted pioneering work in the synthesis and purification of fullerenes. During August 1990 I became the first researcher to synthesize and purify the archetypal fullerene C60 (i.e., to do both) and since then was the first to purify more fullerenes isomers than all other researchers combined; including all 9 known isomers of the third most abundant fullerene C84. To this end I have developed several counters to proper practice HPLC techniques for fullerene purification that are now commonly used in many fullerene research labs throughout the world.

Prof Marina Resmini
The main research interests of my group are currently focused on the development of novel functional nanomaterials with potential applications at the physical and life sciences interface. We use chemistry to confer special properties to materials to be used as drug delivery systems, catalysts and sensors. In the area of drug delivery our clinical targets are cutaneous diseases, hair follicles and neural stem cells.

Prof Antonin Vlcek
My expertise lies in several interrelated areas, including ultra-fast photochemical dynamics of organometallic and coordination compounds, photochemical and electrochemical activation, and the structural and chemical effects of changes in electronic or redox states.

Dr Peter Wyatt
Organic chemistry, laboratory synthesis of new molecules, especially amino acids and carbohydrates.

Dr Robert Janes
My research into the structure/function relationships of biologically and medically important molecules is aimed towards a better understanding of their three dimensional conformations, which may provide useful information in aiding in the rational design of new drugs. I also explore the use of natural polypeptide toxins as templates for drugs.

Dr Tippu Sheriff
I am interested in the modelling of small molecule activation in biological systems with current interests in the catalytic activation of dioxygen and the in-situ generation of hydrogen peroxide. I maintain an interest in the preparation and use of modified clay catalysts as green alternatives to traditional catalysts in organic synthesis.

Dr Ali Zarbakhsh
Structural study of polymeric and biological systems using X-ray and neutron scattering techniques; reflectivity, in-plane diffraction and small angle scattering. Vibrational sum frequency spectroscopy, ellipsometry and atomic force microscopy.

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