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Expertise: Mammals

Prof Stephen Rossiter
I am interested in the causes and consequences of genetic structure, from the level of individuals to populations through to species. My research mainly focuses on bats, which number over 1,100 species, and range from solitary to highly social forms. I am especially interested in how populations diverge, and the mechanisms by which reproductive isolation is achieved in this process. Current projects include a long-term study of the mating and social behaviour in greater horseshoe bats, a comparative investigation of the impact of social organisation on gene flow in continuous bat populations, and the function of hearing genes in the evolution of echolocation, and their role in bat speciation.

Prof Andrew Leitch
My group is interested in plant genetics, genomics, and cytogenetics, focussing on questions of an evolutionary and ecological nature. There is a focus on the processes and consequences of interspecific hybridisation and polyploidisation in plants, as well as an interest in the origin and ecological consequence of plant genome sizes.

Dr Christopher Faulkes
My research interests broadly fall into mammalian evolution and, in particular, the evolution and maintenance of social and reproductive behaviour. This involves a multidisciplinary approach encompassing the fields of molecular ecology, molecular phylogenetics, reproductive physiology and behaviour. My specific study animals have focussed mainly on the African mole-rats of the family Bathyergidae, with some work also on a cooperatively breeding South American primate, the common marmoset monkey.

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