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Expertise: Geography

Prof Simon Lewis
The Ancient Human Occupation of Britain Project funded by the Leverhulme Trust has been the main focus of my research over the last ten years. This multi-institution project has examined the record of human presence in Britain from the oldest Lower Palaeolithic evidence at Happisburgh through to the end of the last ice age and the close of the Upper Palaeolithic. I am also interested in the Ice Ages and stratigraphic evidence for glacial events.

Dr Konstantinos Melachroinos
I am an economic geographer specialising in the study of the determinants of regional economic growth, the investigation of the evolution of spatial disparities and the formulation of policies for the reduction of geographic inequalities. My most recent research focuses on the role of foreign direct investment in promoting economic development in lagging regions and the territorial effects of the knowledge economy, especially investments in intangibles.

Prof Kate Spencer
I am an environmental geochemist who works closely with geomorphologists, hydrologists and ecologists to provide fundamental science to underpin effective management of fine sediment in estuaries and lowland rivers. My principal research interest is in understanding the source, distribution and behaviour of sediment-bound contaminants and to quantify how this is impacted by natural disturbance, anthropogenic management and restoration activities.

Prof Adrian Smith
My main interests are in economic geography, the political economy of cities and regions, global production networks, economic (in)security, and the restructuring of industries in post-socialist East-Central Europe and North Africa. I was trained in human geography and development studies, and my interests continue to focus on the relations between uneven development and political economy.

Dr Simon Reid-Henry
My research interests include Fidel Castro and contemporary Cuban history, HIV/AIDS and the pharmaceutical industry, and Guantanamo Bay and the War on Terror.

Prof Angela Gurnell
My research interests are at the interface between hydrology, geomorphology and plant ecology, with particular emphasis on the morphodynamics and sustainable management of rivers and their margins. My current research is pursuing three main research themes: (i) interactions between vegetation and fluvial processes; (ii) the hydroecological characteristics of urban rivers; (iii) improving the science underpinning river restoration

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